Learn from Home Distance Learning Art Courses and
Creativity Coaching with Zangmo Alexander

What would you like to learn? Your Own, One-to-One, Personalised Art Course for your unique interests and aspirations!

If you want to learn to draw and paint but are unable to regularly visit me in Suffolk for Art Lessons, Photography Tuition or Creativity Coaching, then a personalised, individually designed Distance or Flexible Learning Art Course can inspire and support you to get started with learning drawing and painting and keep your art work going.

Combine flexible ways of learning drawing and painting to suit you:

What could I learn on my distance and blended learning art course?
Choose from:

Beginners Skills in Drawing and Painting from observation or from within, using a variety of media in black and white and colour

Explore colour mixing and application, expand your awareness of colour and your control over getting the colours you want in any paint media

Learn methods for exploring and developing ideas of personal interest from starting points to final pieces, rather than expecting to do a masterpiece without any prior studies!

Explore an exciting range of art media including pencil, pastel, ink, charcoal, watercolour, watercolour pencils, watercolour crayon, acrylics, gouache, oils, encaustic, collage, mixed media, image and text, photography, photoshop



Explore different art genres such as still life painting, abstract painting, landscape painting, painting heads and portraits, painting from within, the spiritual, art and meditation

Explore experimental ways of expressing yourself more creatively in any medium

Work through creative blocks so you can express yourself more authentically and creatively, with more confidence

Portfolio preparation for exams or college entrance.


Undergraduate and postgraduate support to help you take your work to the next level

Explore personal and spiritual approaches to creativity, including art and meditation, mindful photography, mandala painting, art journalling

How do I decide what to do and whether this is for me?

Phone me on 01379 897393, when we can discuss your needs and agree what would be the best combination for you. My aim is to support you in finding what are the best options to meet your needs and interests.

What Clients Say

I am a mature amateur artist who enjoys drawing and painting mainly as a hobby.  I’ve been to many classes over the years, and still go to a local group.  However, I felt I needed to extend my boundaries and started to research Distant Learning in Art.  I came across Zangmo’s website, and discovered a teacher whose approach was exactly what I was looking for.

I had reached a stage in my painting where I felt stuck and stale and lacking inspiration.  I needed someone to guide me and help me overcome my creative blocks. I’ve been working with Zangmo via email and telephone, and I have been inspired by her friendly and sympathetic coaching. Under her guidance, I have learnt how to tap into the emotional and creative parts of myself and to express them artistically.

While always being gentle and supportive, she has challenged me to express myself in many different ways – often pushing my buttons as well as my boundaries!  She never dictates what I ‘should’ do.  Rather, she makes suggestions and comes up with all sorts of ideas and it’s up to me act on any which resonate with me. 

During the hour-long coaching sessions Zangmo is always focussed on what my aims and needs are.  I really feel that it’s all about me and my art and she is the catalyst that enables me to access an infinite source of creativity within me of which I was unaware.

Liz Reid, Selby

Paypal Payment

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Coaching or Tuition fee

Enquiries and Bookings:
Phone Zangmo Alexander on

01379 897393 (UK)
or 044 1379 897393 (International)

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