Photography Lessons in Suffolk and Norfolk

One-to-One Personalised Photography Lessons in Suffolk - everyone welcome!

Completely Personalised, One-to-One, Step-by-Step, Photography Lessons to help you learn to create exciting, interesting and expressive pictures! More experienced photographers can learn how to use your camera creatively to explore themes of personal interest through Mindful Photography.

Benefits of Learning Photography with Zangmo Alexander

BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LEARNING: you decide what aspects of photography to learn, and I help you learn it in a way that suits how you learn best.

PROGRESS AT YOUR OWN PACE so you won't get behind or feel bored waiting for other people to catch up.

MINIMISED TECHNO JARGON with the focus on helping you develop your personal interests creatively.

IN HOUSE PHOTOSHOP is available for you to try before you buy.

FLEXIBLE TIMES TO ATTEND PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS: Attend your one-to-one Digital Photography classes at any time, including daytime, evening or weekend to fit in with your lifestyle.

PAY AS YOU GO FOR PHOTOGRAPHY LESSONS with no expensive termly photography tuition fees to find up front!

HIGH LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE: I have a fine art approach to photography up to A level and Masters Degree level, so if you want to take your work to a high level artistically I am able to help you with ideas, methodology and so on

What can I learn in my Photography Lessons?

How my digital camera works: Whether you have a compact, prosumer or DSLR camera, I take you step by step, at your own pace, covering the topics which matter most to you.

How to take more expressive, creative and interesting digital photos: I can help you be as creative as you want taking photos, from just learning to compose your pictures better to learning how to develop a creative photographic project.

Learn how to create, save and open folders and files in your computer: many people have problems negotiating their way round a computer's filing system. Just bring along your laptop and I will take you step by step through the process until you feel confident and comfortable - once you get it, you don't forget!

How to improve and edit digital photos in the computer:
with Photoshop a new creative vista opens up for you. It is surprising how quickly you can start having fun improving your photos and creatively editing them!

How to create better quality digital prints: getting a good quality print often is not just a question of pressing the button on your printer, so if you are not happy with your prints, we may need to do a bit of troubleshooting.

How to develop a creative photography project: Learn how to explore ideas of personal interest through photography and create a book, portfolio or album of your work

What Clients Say

Wow, what an inspiring day, we are still on a high and will be for weeks to come. Thank you so much for taking us to a higher plane and giving us such an awesome day with the Mindfulness Meditation Photography. We will come back soon for another course. Thank you again for opening our eyes to a new way of thinking and taking photos.

From Ian and Ann Wells, Norfolk


I have found the 20 hours of photography training invaluable. From simply pointing and shooting and hoping for the best, I now understand how to use my camera more effectively and have more confidence in using my camera. I look at the world in a different way, especially how the sunlight can change sights I see daily. I also love looking for shapes and contrasts between old and modern.

Zangmo has been very patient and is a very good teacher. She was quick to work out how I would best learn and what to teach me when I didn't really have a clue.

From Sue Ecclestone, Norfolk: Photography Tuition

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