Testimonials from Zangmo's Students and Clients


What a brilliant day.... Zangmo - caring, relaxing, empathic teacher - will love to do it again.

From R.N, Beccles: Mindful Drawing Day Workshop


We just wanted to thank you for your stupendous input today. My son is extremely energised by the session and has a clear idea of what he needs to do to succeed in his photography exam.

P.C. Suffolk


Excellent day. Loved doing expressive painting.... would recommend it to all.

From R.T, Norfolk: Expressive Painting Workshop


These sessions have helped me to define my broad goals, to set short term targets and to find the confidence to expand and explore my work as a textile artist.

From B.B, Norfolk: Creativity Coaching


I have learned a lot from your assignments. They are well presented, and techniques are easy to understand. I can see my work improve as I continue working my way through the sections, so I thought I'd like to say thank you.

From Sayra R, Berkshire: Beginners Distance Learning Drawing


I have found the 20 hours of photography training invaluable. From simply pointing and shooting and hoping for the best, I now understand how to use my camera more effectively and have more confidence in using my camera. I look at the world in a different way, especially how the sunlight can change sights I see daily. I also love looking for shapes and contrasts between old and modern.

Zangmo has been very patient and is a very good teacher. She was quick to work out how I would best learn and what to teach me when I didn't really have a clue.

From Sue Ecclestone, Norfolk: Photography Tuition


Our daughter was in her A2 year and struggling with her Photography A level. We engaged Zangmo to help. It was clear that she had considerable experience with the subject and what was required from the examination board. From the start she assisted by ensuring that a strong framework was put into place. This had an immediate effect of giving our daughter the confidence she needed to allow her to progress in a meaningful way. Her approach is to lead but not take over allowing the project portfolio to develop in a constructive manner, fitting in with the school course work and maintaining a fresh perspective.

From Jayne O, Attleborough, Norfolk: A Level Photography


During my 3 day retreat you helped me to identify counterproductive habits that have been inhibiting my growth and I now see why over-focussing on certain ways of drawing and making has for so long been preventing me from moving forward.  I felt that we made some real progress and that I left with a different outlook on what I want to get out of the next chapter in my life.  Your experience as a practicing artist, teacher and coach combined with the fact that you wasted no time in getting down to what really matters to me meant that this was a very valuable 3 days and money well spent.  Thank you!

I have felt great since coming home and my focus is now on finding a new home and bill paying job so that I can get moving in the studio. When ready I would certainly like to continue our sessions be it on the phone or another retreat day.

From Georgina B, London: Creativity Coaching


How grateful I feel that I found Zangmo on the internet. One-to-One Tuition was a perfect choice for me, one which I'd love to repeat. I have no hesitation in recommending this to others. From the first I found Zangmo welcoming, friendly, perceptive and attentive. She listened to me and observed me so well without imposing; was gently challenging and supportive throughout.

An accomplished artist and teacher, Zangmo with her knowledge, manner, personality and experience in many areas gave me a very beneficial process to develop freedom in my art work. Combining these techniques with some meditation I move forward with confidence; I can release myself from previous limitations. Thank you Zangmo.

From S.M, Cyprus:Art Tuition


Sensing I was a little tense, Zangmo asked me if I would like to try a few moments meditation..... in this short time I was able to feel the warmth in my heart and more relaxed in my body and mind. I now use this new experience whenever I feel stressed or have too many thoughts racing and clouding my mind, enabling me to calmly refocus my energies.

My retreat with Zangmo was a most enjoyable experience, as her support and encouragement has given me the desire to pursue my love of colour and expression again. It has been a few weeks now since my time with her in Norfolk, and something I notice is that when I wake in the mornings, I have feelings of hope and excitement from these new beginnings and a release with my own creativeness. I feel I've been given a new gift of life.

From G.R, Kent: First Creativity Coaching Retreat


I’ve had several telephone one-to-one sessions now following my first retreat with Zangmo, but two months later I’ve decided to visit again. My journey up there was filled with excitement, remembering the warm welcome I received from my first retreat. It was lovely to see Zangmo again and after being with her for about 15 minutes I began to feel quite emotional. Relaxing with a welcome coffee, we talked about the work that I had bought with me, and then progressed onto what I would like from this retreat. Unsure of what I really wanted to explore, Zangmo gently coaxed and guided me to probe my own thoughts for the answers. I had always felt keen to try large brushes, lots of black paint and on larger paper and canvases. Not having the confidence to try, Zangmo suggested that I start by using the black paint with smaller brushes and paper, until I felt comfortable to move onto the larger sizes. My first two attempts using black acrylics were not good, at which stage, I could easily have moved on to something else. Sensing my disappointment, Zangmo suggested that I try using Indian ink. Wow, the density of the ink was amazing, and I soon moved onto the larger paper. Yet again, I had an overwhelming sense of relief, tears of happiness a huge sense of achievement.

By the end of my second day I was so proud of myself, and the pieces that I had produced. If Zangmo hadn’t caringly persisted and encouraged me carry on, I would have given up on my dreams of creating such pieces. At this point my heart and desire were fired with enthusiasm and I was able to easily paint two pieces, way beyond my expectations.

On my third day we concentrated  on oil paints, their qualities and technique. Quite different from acrylics, the oils I found to be very forgiving, more versatile and have an enduring quality of feel and depth.

The end of my three days with Zangmo came all too quickly. It was sad to say goodbye, but I was also excited to go home and continue this amazing journey I’m following. Again, Zangmo has been inspirational and encouraging. Very often, I have doubts of my abilities to paint, but my time with Zangmo has shown me how I can understand and address these debilitating thoughts that can inhibit my creativeness and the need to express myself.

From G.R, Kent: Second Creativity Coaching Retreat


I am a mature amateur artist who enjoys drawing and painting mainly as a hobby.  I’ve been to many classes over the years, and still go to a local group.  However, I felt I needed to extend my boundaries and started to research Distant Learning in Art.  I came across Zangmo’s website, and discovered a teacher whose approach was exactly what I was looking for.

I had reached a stage in my painting where I felt stuck and stale and lacking inspiration.  I needed someone to guide me and help me overcome my creative blocks. I’ve been working with Zangmo via email and telephone, and I have been inspired by her friendly and sympathetic coaching. Under her guidance, I have learnt how to tap into the emotional and creative parts of myself and to express them artistically.While always being gentle and supportive, she has challenged me to express myself in many different ways – often pushing my buttons as well as my boundaries!  She never dictates what I ‘should’ do.  Rather, she makes suggestions and comes up with all sorts of ideas and it’s up to me act on any which resonate with me. 

During the hour-long coaching sessions Zangmo is always focussed on what my aims and needs are.  I really feel that it’s all about me and my art and she is the catalyst that enables me to access an infinite source of creativity within me of which I was unaware.

Liz Reid, Selby


A practising artist and art teacher, I booked onto a 4-day One-to-One course with Zangmo to discuss, learn and experiment with the idea of extending my teaching skills to include Mandala painting. However, due to Zangmo's wealth of knowledge of Art used therapeutically, in Life Coaching and Creativity Coaching, some interesting, personal issues began to emerge. I had felt totally stuck with my own, personal art work, due to a stressful few years in my personal life. After some in depth conversations with Zangmo, we began concentrating more on these issues rather than teaching issues.

Very interesting things emerged, and I now feel that with her help and dedicated time with no distractions, I have made positive inroads to the next step in my journey. A great few days!

R.K, Lancashire


I feel amazingly freed - I don't feel as if I am now carrying round the burdens I was carrying when I walked in through the door. Zangmo has enabled me to feel better even in one session. I am looking forward to learning more and practising what I learned today."

J.M, Bury St Edmunds



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